2nd & 3rd Grade
Welcome Students and Families!

Today's Assignments

Ilan and Liz's Class

Sara's Class

Deanne's Class

Each day there will be a chart with all of the assignments for reading, writing, and math. There will also be work time and science suggestions. 


Poetry Unit Resources


Science: Landforms, Extreme Weather, & The Water Cycle

Science: Family Experiments at Home!

Work Time

Work Time Ideas

The Bird Study

Bird Study Research Project

Bird Project Multimedia Options

Online Resources

Check out these platforms we will use.

BrainpopWe know how tough it can be to juggle your own responsibilities while keeping your children entertained and educated at the same time. With this collection of activities and resources across the curriculum, we hope to alleviate a little bit of that stress.

Zoom - We will be hosting meetings, small group and individual conferences, and perhaps office hours on Zoom. Make sure we have your email address and look for scheduled meetings. You don't need an account to join our meetings.

Youtube - We will be looking into using our channels to host instructional videos and messages to parents and children when needed.

Epic - Epic is a literacy website for Educators, Parents, and Students that creates individual reading profiles that are personalized for the interests and skill level of your child. Epic also monitors the duration of reading with a digital reading log.

Readworks - From this site we will be assigning differentiated reading passages for your children. We have already created accounts for the kids. Login information is posted in daily assignments. 

Dreambox - This is an interactive math program for kids of all ages and math abilities. They are in the process of adding our whole school into the system. This should be up and running by Monday, March 30. We will send you an email about how to use and set up. (You do not need to sign up yourself, we are signing each EB student up.)

Tips and Expectations for Learning Online

We know this is a new way of school for everyone! We are trying to make work as independent as possible for students, but especially at first, they will need help. A lot of getting started will be signing into multiple programs and getting used to them. We will check in with you and your children often to troubleshoot or answer any questions. Also please know that we don't expect students to be spending more than 1-2 hours on the computer doing schoolwork. The rest of the day should be based on the schedule that works for your family.

Individual teachers will have different expectations for how your child will share their completed work, so look for a newsletter with this information! And please reach out anytime to your child's teacher with any concerns or questions!